KAAP Zoom Meeting Minutes March 25, 2020

KDADS 2019 Novel Coronavirus Illness (COVID-19) Guidance


SAMHSA COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Response and 42 CFR Part 2 Guidance 

Tools from US ICH and upcoming March 24th Webinar focusing on Seattle/King County:

COVID-19 Resources from Seattle & King County (March 19, 2020)

Seattle/King County, WA, is on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following resources have been developed by the community to plan and respond. 

Seattle/King County is also posting updated resources through their Healthcare for the Homeless Network.

·       VIDEO: A Look Inside the Seattle/King County Quarantine Facility (March 18)

·       Frequently Asked Questions About Homelessness and COVID-19 (March 16)

·       Seattle King County Interim Guidance - COVID-19 Homeless Service Providers, Seattle/King County (March 16)

·       COVID-19 Disinfection Instructions (March 12)

·       Interim Guidance on How to Care for Someone with Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19 (March 12)

·       Information on COVID-19 for Organizations Housing Older Adults in the Community (March 11)

·       Efforts by King County to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (March 10)

·       King County Response to COVID-19, Powerpoint Presentation (March 10)

·       Acton Steps to Support Homeless Individuals (March 9)

·       COVID-19 – Quick Tips for What Shelters & Other Homeless Programs Need to Know (March 6)

·       Home Isolation Guidance for Families and Individuals Living in Permanent Supportive Housing (March 6)

·       COVID-19 Preparedness Planning (March 6)

·       Sanitation and Hygiene Guide for Homeless Services Providers (December 2019)

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