Providing Individualized, Evidence-Based SUD Treatment

Referring your patient to Valley Hope for substance use disorder treatment is a simple, efficient process. Medical and clinical professionals can expect responsive service and collaborative partners from admissions through the full continuum of care. Valley Hope approaches treatment under the disease model of addiction, with an expert, fully licensed clinical team that works with you and your patient to provide a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan designed to achieve successful outcomes. Our services span a continuum of care, including medical detox, residential treatment centers, outpatient therapy, family care, continuing care and recovery support.

Valley Hope Patient Referral Process and Partnership

·        Responsive, clinically-informed Patient Access Team conducts initial assessment to determine best treatment referral, including level of care.

·        Comprehensive clinical evaluation and efficient intake process on-site at designated ValleyHope treatment center.

·        Benefits support team works with insurance providers to ensure your patient receives maximum coverage.

·        Valley Hope works with referring professionals to determine any required or preferred communication and/or collaboration including treatment, discharge and continuing care planning, updated medical records or any other needs regarding your patient.

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